Ceramics became part of I Street's repertoire in late 2016, when I (Brett) joined Hannah in her studio space full-time. What began as a production-oriented, casting operation has since grown into an art practice in which I pursue my ceramic ideals via unique objects made mostly on the potter's wheel.

My work is functional and meant for life in the kitchen, on the table, and in the garden. I use two different types of clay--a lower-temperature terracotta mixed in western Pennsylvania, and a higher-temperature stoneware composed of natural clays dug in my native Piedmont of central North Carolina. I mix all of my glazes by hand, formulating and firing them for safe use around food, microwaves, and dishwashers.



My ultimate goal as a potter is to foster compassion, both in my life and the lives of those who consume my work. This requires a shedding of oneself--a realization that we are mere pinpricks along infinite arcs of history and geology; that our world is inherited and therefore must be passed on. When standing at the wheel, my own desires, frustrations, and insecurities are meaningless. I am united with millennia of potters before me--subject, as they were, to the physical and chemical forces that shape my work just as mountains, valleys, and riverbeds are shaped in nature.

While I'd say that many of my forms and glazes are riffs on historical pots I revere (e.g., 19th-century Carolinas, Sengoku period Japan), my own language can be read in the details of my work--the weight, the balance, a foot or neck, the feel of a pot in one's hands or against one's lips. I also leave my mark decorating a pot in a given manner, on a given day, based on a given mood--never to be repeated exactly the same way again. If in using something that I've made, someone out there feels a momentary reprieve from our modern world of tweets, selfies, and indistinguishable consumer plastics, I can consider my job well done.


The latest

Through the miracle of internet, we will soon be able to post individual objects for sale directly from this website. In the meantime, peruse my latest work below and contact us if any specific piece catches your eye. Pricing generally breaks down as follows:

  • Cups: $15
  • Mugs: $25
  • Bowls: $15 (nuts or ice cream) / $25 (soup or cereal) / $40+ (big and beyond)
  • Pitchers, Jugs, Bottles, Vases: $40+
  • Illustrated Coasters and Tiles: $15 ea. or $50 for a set of 4
  • Flower Pots, Planters, Odd Ball Pieces (e.g., things with faces): that depends on size and decoration--get in touch!